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Residential / Development


Greenwich, London




Design, Construction

Woodhurst Parkside is a development that proposes to extend and subdivide 58/60 Woodhurst Road which is currently two houses, into 9 separate dwelling units. The aim of the proposal is to create a variety of new, high quality dwelling units, in an established neighbourhood while offering contributions to neighboring properties for biodiversity
related improvements.

The proposal extends the existing homes in a contemporary but respectful manner, and reintroduces period features often found on chalet style and local homes. The investment will also extend into improvements of the adjacent park space and shared rear lane access point.


Woodhurst Parkside, aims to improve both the built and natural environment while respecting the original attributes of the house and topography. The extensions will be articulated in a traditional manner with dormers clad with lead and detailed with architraves around windows, and external coving where dormers meet flat roofs.


Windows and sliding doors will be set deeply into the facade to create strong surface variation and
shadowing. Eaves will be extended along their respective slopes to expose roof rafters as was commonly done in homes built during the 1930’s.

Woodhurst Road 01.jpg
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